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A Comprehensive Digital Wellness & Health Monitoring Platform for People with Chronic Conditions, Wellness Enthusiasts & Elderly People

We offer complete remote health monitoring and capturing Vitals through Digitally connected Health Monitoring Devices. The goal is to offer the best possible health care management platform at the most effective and affordable cost, track, trace, monitor your Health Vitals anytime anywhere. The Subscribers will have Specialist Doctor Consultations either in-person or through video call & be able to access various diet & exercise plans.

The platform allows the Family Members or close relatives to monitor the Progress made by the patient and establishes a direct communication channel with the service provider. Also, provides emergency notifications and alerts and access to the specialist in case of Emergencies

Option 1: Steps for User Self-Onboarding on the Platform

Option 2: Steps for Doctor Onboarding User on the Platform

Option 1: Steps for User Self-Onboarding on the Platform

Option 2: Steps for Doctor Onboarding User on the Platform

Endocrinologist Consultant

Dr. KVS Hari Kumar
MD (MED), DNB (Endo)
Consultant Endocrinologist

Device Details

Devices shown in here are for indicative purpose only. Actual devices may have variations.

Multifunction Meter
( GC/ UG/ Cholesterol)

BP Meter

Body Weighing Scale

Fitness Band

Users / Wellness Warriors / Patients

  • Actively participate & track the health/wellness progress, owning up One’s health
  • Access to Vital Medical Data at the touch of a button, share the Reports with Doctor of your choice, Video consultations with Doctor, all from the comfort of your home
  • Eliminate the need to visit Hospitals frequently
  • Improved adherence to drugs, consistency in following lifestyle changes, controls the disease progression & reduces risks of complications
  • Medical records are readily available 24/7 for review by both Doctors & Family Members (same or different geography)
  • Designated Family members can actively participate in the Wellness / Health Management of their Parents / Loved ones (from any corner of the world). Both receiving alerts on Vital health data & participate in the Doctor Consultation
  • A sense of Confidence & assurance to lead a joyful & worry-free life

What’s it for doctor

  • An established Remote Health Monitoring System (Mobile & Cloud ready) available at No-Cost
  • Increased touch points with the Patient / Users – planned/adhoc video consultation between Clinic Visits
  • Additional consistent revenue without compromising regular OPD Consultations
  • Protection of vulnerable patients through Telehealth
  • Improved Patient Management through visualization of Users/Patients Vital Health Data through User-Friendly dashboards. Smooth Medicare
  • Historical Health Data of Users / Patients readily available that enables better treatment & Patient delight

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Patient’s Dashboard

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