Amerald Care Platform being a digital interface, neither prescribes nor recommends any cure for the illnesses in the present or future. The Diagnosis, Prescription, Diet, Exercise, are 100% recommended by your selected Healthcare Practitioner. Patients are advised to seek appropriate advice and treatment from their respective Health Care Practitioner without fail. It is assumed that Patients have given their consent to share the vitals to their selected healthcare practitioner and family member. Amerald Care does not recommend the patients to adopt any self-medication or treatment, Amerald Care will not share or sell any PHR or EHR to any third party for marketing and promotion purposes.

The “Guardian” word as suffix to our Diabetic, Pulmo and Epilepsy services is added in the sense of providing necessary tools for managing the illness by the patient, and should not be construed as a guarantee or a promise for cure or protection against any related health issues there of by Ameraldcare.