Epilepsy Guardian

Smart Monitor – for epilepsy patients

The Smart monitor digital platform offers two subscription plans which connects the patient with the relatives 24/7 and in case of emergencies alerts are sent with geotag for the location of incident and audio recordings for the later part analysis by specialist.

When the SmartWatch Inspyre™ by Smart Monitor detects repetitive shaking motion, it signals the user’s device (iPhone or Android phone) to send text and phone call alerts to whomever the SmartWatch Inspyre™ user designates, such as multiple family members and care providers.

Within seconds, family members receive these alerts which include the date, time, location, and duration of the event. SmartWatch Inspyre™ users can also summon help with the push of a button. Alerts can be sent to any phone, anywhere, and detailed reports of each event can be securely accessed for later review with physicians.

Service Helpline: inspyre@ameraldcare.com

For Device price contact :  inspyre@ameraldcare.com

An iPhone 7 or above paired with an Apple Watch 3 or above. Bluetooth/Wifi and GPS. ( LTE is not needed.)

For Android Models
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Bluetooth, 44mm) -, Aluminium Dial,
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, 45mm Bluetooth.


Inspyre – Smart Monitor

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