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USPTO patent filed : 16555911

Intelligent Smart Syringe

QuiSS® is an Intelligent Smart Syringe and is patented in USPTO & India for safer drug administration.

QuiSS® is gives a prescribed dosage as per the recommendation from the provider and designed to prevent excess or low dosage of insulin to the diabetes patients. Any missed dosage will send alert to the patient and Provider. This Fully automated digital smart Syringe is coupled with Flexible Display for a clear viewing of the important information required for the patient. QuiSS® is a digital Smart Syringe equipped with Bio-Sensors for Safety and Security.

With the consent of the patient, the drug administering pattern including dosage can be shared with the family and Health care providers though the Ameral Kare® SAAS platform.


USPTO patent filed : 16555105

Ultra Advanced Diet Scale

QuADD® Ultra Advanced Diet Scale

QuADD® integrates with our Amerald Care ® Platform collaborating with Patient, Family, Provider which makes it the most Contemporary solution. This helps the patients to improve their health by way of reduced medication and better diet management.