Cancellation & Refund policies

Refund and Cancellation Policy of AMERALD CARE

Refund/cancellation policies applicable in the following conditions for both services and devices supplied by Amerald Care Pvt Ltd:

General terms

Customer may choose to cancel the platform subscription along with the connected devices in the following scenarios

  1. Buyer cancels the order online before the product has been shipped, then the entire order amount will be refunded.
  2. In case the item ordered has been shipped but has not yet been delivered to the buyer, the order can still be cancelled online. Total order amount after deduction of shipment and handling charges will be refunded.

Assumptions: Items are received in original packing unopened from the courier company at our logistics hub.

  1. Customer cancels order within 7 days of receiving the devices. The refund will be processed after deducting 25% percent cancellation charges assuming the devices are still in the box unopened condition.
  2. If the devices are unboxed and synchronised with the applications and digital platform – 50% deduction will apply for the refund as cancellation charges and cancellation is allowed only within 15 days of receiving the products and not beyond.

System Glitches and failed transactions:

  1. In case of failed transactions or double realization of amount for the same order, the excess deducted amount will be refunded.
  2. In case of cancelled order/failed transactions, the bank/card transaction charges of the buyer incurred for the payment gateway will be deducted as the case may arise with service provider.

Disclaimers and safe harbour statements:

  1. In the interest of our customers Amerald care will liaise and follow up with the third party payment gateway applications for realising monies struck due to failed transactions. At the same time cannot guarantee on the timely refunds from them as they are not operating in its control.
  2. Part cancellations of the device bundle are not allowed.
  3. Refunds are processed on a monthly in one go basis during the run of accounts payable software and the cut-off date will be informed to the customer.
  4. Ameraldcare reserves the right to refuse cancellation of any order if it suspects any transactions are done with mala fied intentions and not in accordance with the terms of use.

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