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Amerald kare – Digital platform for endocrine patients

We offer complete remote monitoring and capturing vitals data through digitally connected devices.

This service is through subscription to the following plans either lump sum or monthly billing.

The platform allows the kith and kin or close relatives to monitor the progress made by the patient and establishes a direct communication channel with the service provider.

Diamond Plan: period of subscription is 12 months@ 1099/- PM or Rs.9999/- in lumpsum

Emerald Plan:  Period of subscription is 9 months @   999/- PM   or Rs 7499/- in Lumpsum

 Patient can also send the report by WhatsApp to other providers for a second opinion.

Gold plan:  Period of Subscription is 12 months @ 1749/- PM

Silver Plan: Period of Subscription is 6 months @ 1499/- PM